Monday, March 2, 2009

The Wine Party Results

We had a rudimentary, rather informal scoring system that we stumbled through at the wine party I recently introduced, one post back. Here is how the wines ranked:
  1. Go Go Red (Cannon River) - really by far the best wine there. It had an extremly pleasant, smooth taste that ended wonderfully.
  2. Hastings Reserve (Alexis Bailey) - this was a well liked young port. It made a fantastic desert wine.
  3. Honeywine (Winehaven) - a very sweet white, this did very well and merited a pronouncement as my wife's favorite wine of all time.
  4. Cranberry (Winehaven) - this is a very delightful sweet red wine. The cranberry taste is not overwhelming and would pair nicely with a red meat or stew.
  5. Sogn Blanc (Cannon River) - this was a semi fragrant white with a good, mellow taste. People that appreciate whites, appreciated this one.
  6. West 7th (Cannon River) - I suppose the reason this is a house wine is because its bland and would go with anything. A step above water really, but not offensive to the palet.
  7. Highbush Cranberry Honeywine (Minnestalgia) - this was a wine brought by some dear friends. Little did they know it was horrible. This didn't rank 7th, it ranked 107th. I wouldn't buy this as a gag gift. It smelled and tasted like dirt... no lie. There was such a thick sediment in the bottle that we are pretty sure there was a bottling error, leading to spoiling. I hope so, because right now I would never buy another Minnestalgia wine.

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Aaron said...

I was able to return the bottle to the store where it was purchased. After removing the cork, the clerk took one whiff of the wine and proclaimed, "Eucch!" He gave me my money back with no questions asked.

He said that sometimes the smaller wineries have this problem because (naturally) their quality control isn't as stringent or as effective. He said that in general, Minnestalgia wines are purported to be very good, and he said this one definitely had something funny going on.