Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Coffee Houses

So I've begun a series of reviews. It all started with the ice cream parlor review. I get this itch to go and find something else I love...track down a bunch of places and then share it with all of you, my friends. However, I thought this time round I would do something unique. If you know of a particularly good (non-chain) coffee house that I should check out let me know. I'll take your suggestions and then you can find out where they rank in comparison to other top coffee houses. Essentially I'll do the testing for you. So if you think your favorite place is great, just try these...get the idea? In as much as you would like to know how your coffee house stacks up with others across the Twin Cities leave a comment and I'll include it.
Then, after a bit of research time I'll give you the "Top Twelve Coffee Houses for the Winter Blues" list.