Saturday, March 7, 2009


There has been a flurry of posts ever since the opening of Watchmen this weekend. How to adequately explain it?? I'll try this; take the director of 300 and give him a platform similar to Gotham city. Now through in some outstanding graphics an out of this world soundtrack and a movie that doesn't take itself to seriously.

This is the best movie by far that I have seen this year. Don't worry though if you haven't read the graphic novel. I went into this film a virgin on not only the novel, but the overall concept. My wife gave me a low-down as we were walking in (she read the novel). Still, the "briefing" was like this: "There are a bunch of guys and it all starts with one of them dying. That's like a catalyst, oh and they go to Mars." At that point I didn't know what to expect.

Don't go to this one though if you saw 300 and couldn't stomach it. The graphic violence caries over. Although the story made up for any excessive use of blood and guts that producers put in. You had to think and yet at the same time I had a pretty good idea of who... ooops! I almost gave it away. Let's just say there is a really good bait and switch in this movie.

There is not doubt that this will be a permanent DVD in our collection!

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