Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Macanudo [cigar review]

When you purchase a cigar that's sealed in its own glass tube, you have a certain right to look forward to a blissful smoke. That presupposition proved perfectly precise for my latest balcony vacation.

I must admit, I have sinned. Not just your typical day-to-day sins, but a very horrific sin. I did a good friend the nastiest trick I could have... Allow me to confess. During our latest wine party I cracked open the seal on a Macanundo that I purchased a while back and stuck it under my friends nose. Of course, I did this at about midnight and the two of us never shared the distinct pleasure of smoking it together.

Well I will share that experience vicariously with you now (and him if he has forgiven me and reads this blog again).

Today was not bad. It actually got up to 34 degrees F. After a long Minnesota winter, that's like a heat wave. So, I donned a light jacket, grabbed my el-cheapo cigar cutter, a pack of matches and I headed out.

This cigar was among the best smokes I have ever had. It has a rich undertone of oil with the smell of oak and leather. At the same time it wasn't overpowering even though it was a robusto. This smoked evenly right to the end. It wasn't a hot smoking cigar. What do I mean by that? Well it felt like I was getting the flavor when I took a draw and not the fire. Some cigars seem loosely put together and draw in to much of the heat. This was a perfect balance. I got a good draw that didn't feel like I was sucking air through a straw, while maintaining a smoothness that wasn't burning.

I would recommend this brand to anyone.

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garth said...

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