Monday, January 19, 2009

Out for awhile

So, I've been "out" for awhile and have put the hunt for the best coffee houses on the back burner. Sorry if you were looking forward to that. I'll try and take it up to you sometime. In the mean time I'll leave you with something at least:

Try Gingko Coffee in St. Paul or Nina's Coffee House (also in St. Paul). They are great places.

Onto my post. I've just finished A Voyage Long and Strange, by Tony Horowitz. Mr. Horowitz the acclaimed author Confederates in the Attic and (infinitely better in my opinion) Blue Latitudes. Anyway, Voyage, is a great book for those of you that missed the in-between history of the English invasion of America. You will learn about the Spanish explorers as well as the true story of Pocahontas. This isn't just your usual history book though. Like his others, Mr. Horowitz does a wonderful job of sharing with you his researching trek. It becomes an adventure as you learn both the history as well as the adventure Mr. Horowitz undergoes while writing the book. The only problem with this one, there is no fun loving Roger to share the adventure with (See Blue Latitudes). Still it will keep you interested as you relearn your 9th grade history.

Enjoy the read.