Sunday, March 8, 2009

Grilling Again!

So one good thing has come with daylight savings time... I have officially fired up my grill. Yes folks, I am once again in my element. I did a little on it through the fearsome winter, but the season is open now!

This morning, as I exchanged my LP tank for a fresh one at the local box store, I could just smell that esoteric aroma filling my nostrils again. Ah, grilling. Cooking the way God intended. Just you, a chunk of meat and fire. Actually, I've made some taste vegetables on the grill as well as some delightful fruits as well. Ah life is good once again, at least at the dinner table!

So join me for the next few weeks as I move through a series of grilling posts. I don't have a planned number of posts to do, but I'll move through some basic principles as well as offer some hard learned tips and recipes as I bring you a tour of Lucky's Grill.

Bon Appetite!

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