Monday, May 25, 2009

The Wearing of Hats

Hats have gone in and out of fashion. In Greek and Roman times, the hat indicated freedom. In more modern times, the hat indicated your desire to stay out of the harsh frontier sun. What do hats mean now? I would like to think they still indicate a little about the person, even though we are in a "dressed-down" fashion trend these days.

The hat of all hats in my opinion is the fedora. Interestingly enough, the fedora was originally worn by women and soon adopted by men. Although, the fedora was not instantly iconic. It is rather a reaction of another hat, but more on that later. The fedora is a (typically) pinched front (tear drop usually) hat with a full brim that is usually pulled down over the eyes.

There are many variations hats (besides the baseball cap):

Porkpies (what Frank Sinatra wore and what you can stylishly get away with today without any undo pressure)

Standard Fedora (think Casablanca and a step up in class - if possible)

Hombergs (a favorite of Winston Churchill)

Bowler (left side)/Derby (right side and practically identical - just a rounder crown). One thing to note about the derby. It was originally the hat of a gentleman. With the coming of the frontier days and the introduction of a western hat, hat makers began to branch out and made a hybrid western derby, which was the birth of the fedora.

Panama - the classic from Ecuador. In fact, good panamas only come from Ecuador. Is there a better hat to smoke a cigar in? I think not.

Indiana Jone's Fedora (notice there is no "flip" to the back part of the brim)

Of course there is also the Western Hat and its many variations. I might get into that for a different post. Then there is the hooligan hat or driving cap or flat cap depending on where you are from. The fact of the matter is, wearing a hat is a style signature. You have to wear it with confidence. I think a lot of guys don't know how to wear anything but a baseball cap anymore (which should only be worn while playing or going to a baseball game in my opinion). Better yet remember when this was in style? LOL!

The sad thing is that visors persist in golf. Oh sad, sad days.

I digress; Here are some hat wearing guidelines to help you wear that stylish hat with confidence (hat etiquette):
  1. Go to a haberdashery that will help you find a hat to fit not only your head, but your face.
  2. Remove your hat when you enter a house, business, an elevator, or restaurant. Unless you really are a gangster or a cowboy, never wear your hat while having dinner.
  3. Touch the brim of your hat when you meet a friend and raise the front of the hat when you meet a lady friend.
That's about it. Otherwise make sure to dust your hat off with a medium stiff bristle brush, store it on a hat block if you can or a hat hook otherwise and don't set the hat on a flat surface or you will ruin the blocking of the brim. Otherwise enjoy your new status in the world with a fine hat.


247music said...

Hey old friend! Excellent....I shall say it again...EXCELLENT blog! The hats one was awesome. Makes me want to get a real hat now. My Miller Light baseball cap probably should be stored away :) I am going to bookmark your blog on my computer! Keep up the good work!

247music said...

oh opps this is gabe by the way.