Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A New Type of Golf

I've decided that after this weekend, when I took my father-in-law out golfing for his birthday, that I was going to invent a new type of golfing. My primary desire is to bring joy to millions. However, a secondary and believe me it's way lower on the list, is because I think if the inventor of golf was still alive I might kill him. If not me, then I would definitely send a pack of rabbits on him... the kind with "sharp, pointy teeth."

No, my new game of golf will combine elements of golf. You will have a regulation golf ball, a fairway and a green. The primary difference will be in driving. Rather than having a fancy-dancy driver, you will use a modified potato gun. It will shoot the golf ball out, exactly where you want it. However, the trick will be in setting the gun correctly and judging you windage and elevation. Also, we will be prepared for WWIII while on the golf course; bet they won't see that coming!

Yes, you will see my golfing guns (patent pending) on sale in your local supermarket soon. I forecast they will be an immediate success, shooting me (pun intended) into the billionaire club by early next quarter.

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