Sunday, February 22, 2009


Ok, we have talked about the different types of files, the two types of meta-files and what how listening to either of them varies. The question now, is since we know so much about our options, how do we take advantage of them?

The answer is dBpoweramp. First things first, I'm not sponsored by them or anything. I've just been doing enough research to realize they are likely the most versatile option out there. I have also been using it to create a digital back up of my music collection and to convert it all into a portable file as well.

What's neat about it? Well it is super customizable. So much so that you might want to read carefully at first until you get the hang of using it. Like any piece of software, it can be easy or difficult depending on how much of it you utilize. It connects to virtually every single meta data server available (to pull album art and other CD info) plus it will convert all your music to any codec you want. I've been ripping all my music to FLAC files (which the creater of dBpoweramp suggests to be the best and has the data to back his claim up). One word of advice, if you are going to rip your music to any lossless format, utilize an external hard drive or have a LOT of memory on your computer. There are NAS solutions that are especially made for music. One such type is RipNAS (see photo above). These actually have a CD drive built into them, making ripping music a super easy experience.

What else is cool about dBpoweramp? Well you can convert small amounts of music to various codecs or you can utilize the Batch converter to do multiple files at once. They also offer a CD burning tool as well, but I haven't looked into that.

Once you have gone over to the lossless ripping, you can lay your dusty collection of CDs to Rest In Peace, back on the shelf that is. No need to get them down. No worries about loosing the integrity of your collection through overuse. Plus, no need to listen to sub-par music again.

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